Our History

​Northeast Mountain Guiding (NMG) was started by company President Joseph Vulpis in January of 2009 and since then has grown into one of the largest and busiest professional guiding, equipment outfitter and outdoor educational operations in the eastern United States. Joseph currently runs our Recreational & Educational Divisions. 

​In 2014, Vice President Bryan Enberg joined the company and helped launch it's Professional Services Division. Bryan is the President of the Mountain Rescue Association and the NJ State Police SAR Coordinator. This division of NMG provides equipment, training and consulting to emergency service organizations as well as professional rope access for construction, inspection and other work at height needs. We are currently the sole provider for search & rescue training for FEMA and the NJ State Police.

In 2016, President Joseph Vulpis registered NMG as a government contractor for equipment, supplies and training. NMG is currently operating on projects and signed their first contract with the US Navy in January 2017 and second contract with the US Marines in February 2017.

We pride ourselves in providing premium outdoor experiences and professional services to outdoor enthusiasts interested in experiencing everything the great wilderness has to offer! NMG has 150+ guides/instructors, all experts and highly experienced in the discipline they guide and people who love the outdoors. Unlike our competitors who only work weekends, we are FULL-TIME career mountain guides. On average, we have 35,000+ clients annually. Our peak season is April through October.

In 2017, NMG became the first outdoor adventure franchise in the United States operating under a different name with 8 current franchise locations Nationally. 

We offer courses for the following organizations:

We are the only full course provider for the American Hiking Guides Association and the National Canyoneering Association in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We are the only accredited school in the Northeast US for both the American Hiking Guides Association and the Mountain Safety Institute. We are also accredited by the National Canyoneering Association.

Here at NMG we practice "Leave No Trace" ethics and have several Leave No Trace Master Educators on staff. Almost all of our staff are LNT Trainers. We instruct our clients on every trip how to protect, respect and preserve the wilderness.

NMG is also a distributor for the best brands in climbing and outdoor recreation. We are distributors for Black Diamond, Conterra, Spiroll, CMC Rescue, Sterling Rope, National Geographic Maps and many more! Stop by our shop for more information and to see our product line.

We strive for excellence and offer some of the best courses you'll find in the outdoor education industry!


Who We Are

Joseph Vulpis

President & Founder

Bryan Enberg

Vice President